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We are specialists in biological processes applied to liquid and solid waste treatment

Water and wastewater

One of Iberospec’s main areas of activity is water and wastewater treatment. With over ten years of experience in the sector, we have an extensive list of references. With applications for the municipal and industrial sector, we have several proven solutions in food and beverage, pulp and paper, petrochemical and energy industries.

We are specialist in the biological treatment of wastewater offering numerous options to meet the most demanding specifications. In addition to membrane bio reactors and aeration systems for aerobic processes, we have the most effective equipment for mixing, flow acceleration and vertical decanting systems for SBR plants.

For drinking water treatment we provide a complete range of solutions for flocculation, homogenization, sedimentation and filtration processes.


Sludge Treatment

The sludge from wastewater plants concentrates all the pollution load of the treated wastewater. This sludge must be treated to facilitate its management and minimize its potential environmental and public health risk.

Through our representatives, we offer equipment for the concentration and stabilization of the sludge to remove odours and pathogens. Proposing effective digestion sludge mixing systems we maximize biogas production that can be used in cogeneration processes for thermal and electrical energy.

Once reduced its volume and weight through dehydration processes, the sludge can be used as organic compost. When such use is not feasible, Iberospec can provide a revolutionary technology that utilises aerobic extremophilic bacteria to reduce the volume of sewage sludge up to 90%.


Organic Waste

In our days, the increasing waste generation and its proper management is one of the main challenges faced by governments. To comply with existing and future legislation, the different communities are pursuing plans to encourage reuse, recycling and other forms of recovery, but mostly aims to reduce the amount of waste going to landfill and especially the organic fraction.

Iberospec offers advanced solutions using extremophilic bacteria to achieve the elimination of biowaste. Biowaste is a biodegradable waste such as green waste from gardens and parks, domestic food and kitchen waste, restaurants and grocery stores; and comparable waste from food processing plants.

The thermal digestion technique achieves excellent results also in reducing the waste generated by the meat and fishing sector.


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