Business Areas

Municipal and Industrial applications

Water and Wastewater

With over ten years of experience in the water sector, we provide solutions for drinking water, domestic wastewater and wastewater from industrial processes, with special attention to the food & beverage, energy, petrochemical and pulp & paper industry.


Sludge Treatment

Through our representatives we offer equipment for sludge concentration and stabilization using anaerobic digestion systems and aerobic thermic digestion with extremophilic bacteria to reduce the volume of sludge generated in wastewater treatment plants.


Organic Waste

The Bio-Thermic Digester (BTD), using extremophilic bacteria, is capable of removing in 72 hours the organic fraction of wastes from parks and gardens, food and domestic kitchens, grocery stores, restaurants, meat and fish industry…


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Years of experience


We act as commercial office for manufacturers and distributors of technology for waste treatment, collaborating in the development of the international marketing plan, promoting their products and participating in the design of the trade policy.


Technical Assistance

We offer consulting and technical assistance for equipment in projects for water and wastewater treatment and organic waste disposal. With the support of our partners, we provide assistance through the equipment’s entire period of operation.



We ensure the quality standards of our partners by monitoring compliance with technical design and manufacturing specifications, workshop tests, assembling and site installation of their electrical and mechanical equipment.


Spare Parts

We supply original equipment manufacturer parts for all its represented brands to ensure proper fit and performed with existing equipment. In the case of thermal digestion (BTD), we can provide inoculant and stimulant required for the process.