ADVETEC is a leading UK specialist in the use of advanced environmental technologies for the treatment of solid and liquid organic waste.

They are manufacturers of unique technology that utilises Bacteria and with the aid of bio stimulation they rapidly bio degrade organic wastes, which reduces operating costs and provides opportunities for the residual waste to be used as fertilizer or for energy production.

Advetec BTD (Bio-Thermic Digester)

Advetec’s Bio-Thermic Digester (BTD) make use of bio-stimulation, a method of invigorating and stimulating aerobic extremophilic bacteria, that thrive at temperatures between 80 and 200 ºC, so that they digest organic waste.

So efficient is this process that the company’s compact containerised digesters can process over 30 tonnes of waste in just 72 hours. The volume of the waste is reduced by 96%, eliminating the need to send material to landfill. The only end products of the digestion process are water and a tiny amount of sterile residue.

With a typical return on investment of less than 18 months, the Bio-Thermic Digester is ideal for the removal of organic waste from the Food and Beverage industry, agricultural waste and surplus, black bin waste, green waste from parks and gardens, sludge from municipal treatment plants, material contaminated with hydro carbons, etc.

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