AQUACONSULT was founded in Austria in 1986 as a manufacturer of aeration systems for wastewater biological treatment. Since then, Aquaconsult has been concerned exclusively with the planning, development and production of fine bubble diffusers.

The manufactured strip aerator by Aquaconsult is called AEROSTRIP®. It can be seen today as the most efficient representative of fine bubble diffusers with over 1,000 worldwide installations.

Aerostrip® fine bubble diffusers

These diffusers use polyurethane membranes mounted on PVC or stainless steel bases. Unlike EPDM membranes, polyurethane membranes have no softeners or plasticizers to leach into wastewater over time. The result is a long-lasting diffuser that retains its performance characteristics for more than 15 years.

The advanced perforation technology and the thin membrane profile allow for automatic flex cleaning cycles and intermittent operation, making Aerostrip® the best choice for any activated sludge application (SBRs, MBRs, IFAS…).

Its floor mounted system, specially designed for easy installation, can be adapted to any basin geometry or configuration and increases available process volume eliminating dead zones.

The Aerostrip® diffusers allow to operate plants at a 20-40% higher SOTE than others designed with EPDM diffuser and to save up to 50% on their energy bills.

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