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KUBOTA Corporation is a leading supplier of membrane units and systems for advanced wastewater treatment and regeneration.

The first Kubota membrane module was developed in the late 1980s in response to a Japanese Government initiative to encourage a more compact wastewater process producing high-quality treated water. Since then, their membranes have been employed in over 4,500 sewage and industrial wastewater treatment plants.

Kubota Submerged Membrane Unit®

The system utilizes flat sheet membrane panels housed in stainless steel cases and aerated by coarse bubble diffusers. The membrane sheet is made from chlorinated polyethylene with average pore size of 0.2μm that blocks most microorganisms.

The cartridges are submerged directly in an activated sludge treatment tank for final solid-liquid separation. The energy required for aeration of the mixed liquor also generates an upward cross flow over the membranes, keeping fouling of the filtration surface to a minimum.

Membrane filtration produces a clarified and disinfected permeate product than can be reused for toilets, sprinklers, landscaping and RO membrane pretreatment. There is no need to have final sedimentation tanks or sludge thickener due to high MLSS operations resulting in a smaller plant footprint. MBR system enables existing wastewater treatment plant to expand capacity without additional tanks.

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