Towards progress.

  • Representation.

    We act as a commercial office for manufacturers and distributors of technology for waste treatment, collaborating in the development of the international marketing plan, promoting their products and participating in the design of commercial policy.

    Our main functions are to establish, develop and maintain relationships with current and potential clients within our territory, helping them in the selection of the equipment and services that best suit their needs, to generate new business opportunities for our clients.

    With a team with extensive experience and well known in the sector, we cover all stages of environmental projects by working closely with Consultants, Public Administration, Contractors and Operators.

  • Technical assistance.

    We offer consulting services and technical assistance in the implementation of equipment in water treatment and organic waste disposal projects. With the backing of our associates, we provide technical support for the life of mechanical equipment.

    The advice of our team includes the analysis of existing equipment and operating methods in use, drafting preventive maintenance plans, start-ups and, in general, reporting all the measures that allow us to get the most out of our clients’ facilities.

    At Iberospec we are aware of the high investments that environmental projects require, therefore, we offer economic and feasibility studies, also advising on aid and subsidies.

  • Supervision.

    Aseguramos los estándares de calidad de nuestros suministradores mediante la supervisión del cumplimiento de las especificaciones técnicas de diseño, procesos de fabricación, pruebas, montaje y posterior instalación en obra de sus equipos electro mecánicos.

    Nos podemos encargar de la evaluación y coordinación de proveedores, el seguimiento de los envíos y recepción de material, la supervisión de la carga y descarga, el control dimensional de equipos, la inspección de la calidad de fabricación, la elaboración de informes de seguimiento y avance de los trabajos y el control de la documentación necesaria.

    Iberospec pone a disposición de los suministradores su extensa red de proveedores y talleres de fabricación de confianza en el caso de necesitar una estructura local para reducir costes de fabricación aprovechando precios más competitivos.

  • Spare parts

    We supply original spare parts for all brands represented to ensure a perfect fit and proper operation in existing equipment. In the case of thermal digestion (BTD) we supply the inoculant and the stimulant.

    Other items in our stock are Non-Clog coarse bubble diffusers with neoprene flap that are used in grit traps in wastewater treatment plants and Flexkleen II filtering nozzles or nozzles for false concrete bottoms installed in sand filters. of drinking water treatment plants.

    We take care of applying the latest technologies available on the market to existing equipment, integrating changes and new components to improve its performance and extend its useful life.

Water treatment.

One of Iberospec's main areas of activity is water treatment. With more than ten years of experience in the sector, we provide numerous references of equipment installed in drinking water treatment plants, domestic and industrial wastewater treatment plants. Our industrial field mainly covers the food and beverage, petrochemical, energy and paper sectors.

Sludge Treatment.

The sludge or sludge from the treatment plants concentrates the entire pollutant load of the treated wastewater. These sludge must undergo a series of processes to facilitate their management and minimize the environmental and public health risk.

Through our represented we offer equipment for the concentration and stabilization of these sludge to eliminate bad odors and pathogens. By proposing effective agitation systems for anaerobic digesters, we maximize the production of biogas that can be used in cogeneration processes to obtain thermal and electrical energy.

Once its volume and weight have been reduced through dehydration processes, the sludge can be used as organic fertilizer. When this use is not feasible, Iberospec has a system of thermal digestion using extremphilic bacteria that reduces the volume of sewage sludge by more than 90%.

Water treatment,

In our day, the growing generation of waste and its proper management is one of the main challenges that administrations must face. In order to comply with current and future legislation, the different communities are following plans to promote reuse, recycling and other forms of recovery, but above all the aim is to reduce the amount of waste destined for landfilling and especially the organic fraction.

Iberospec offers advanced solutions through the use of extremphilic bacteria to achieve the elimination of bio-waste. Bio-waste is that biodegradable waste from gardens and parks, food and kitchen waste from homes, restaurants and retail establishments; as well as comparable waste from food processing plants.

The thermal digestion technique achieves excellent results also in reducing the waste generated by the meat and fishing sector.